Who we are


At Next Life Medical, we help create the ‘Next Life’ for organizations or products from a supply chain, value chain or care chain perspective in the medical device industry.  Just like humans, organizations need wellness exams to ensure they are healthy, staying in shape and improving.  And when they get a cold, flu or worse yet, a disease, they need help from someone experienced to help them.  And that help is Next Life Medical!

Like doctors who utilize techniques to treat patients, Next Life Medical applies proprietary models created by one of its founders Christopher Oleksy to help its’ patients.  The (Oleksy Enterprise) OE-Tier5™ models guide organizations through a regimented business process that detects what needs to be addressed and then apply proven industry best practice ‘get well’ techniques to restore the organization, or their products, to ‘full health’.

In some instances, the best ‘get well’ scenario is for Next Life Medical to acquire specific products of organizations that no longer fit those organizations’ mission statements or business direction and those products need a ‘new home’; and that home is Next Life Medical.

Where Next Life Medical is unique, is its’ passion for the patient. Expanding upon traditional supply chain or value chain thinking, Next Life Medical expands into the ‘care chain’ to ensure that the value chain and the supply chain are aligned with the ‘care of the patient’, who often times, and unfortunately, becomes the secondary focus in the healthcare space.  This in itself, is why many organizations, or their products, get ill… they lose touch with the patient!

The other co-founder of Next Life Medical, is Ryan Oleksy who is a certified expert in applying the OE-Tier5™ models.  Ryan’s passion for the care chain, and his experience as an Emergency Responder in multiple settings, make him uniquely qualified to help organizations or their products “get well”. 

Enjoining Chris’ 35 year experience as a Supply Chain, Value Chain, and Care Chain pioneer, with Ryan’s passion for the care of patients, make Next Life Medical the ‘go to’ Doctor of choice to help your organization.. or its’ products.. GET WELL!  And STAY WELL!

The Doctor is IN!

NEWS FLASH:  We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Emergent Respiratory. Please see www.eresp.com for more information.


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